Interpreter and translator

The task of an interpreter is far from easy, it not only requires a thorough knowledge of a spoken language, it also requires the ability to capture nuances and build bridges between interlocutors. Fluent in English, Dutch and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and with a background in Marketing, Xiaonan Yan is familiar with the cultures and business customs in all three countries.

ChinaEntrance was established in 2010, since then Xiaonan has provided business consulting, market research, interpretation and translation services to Dutch and Chinese companies and individuals in a wide variety of fields. With over a decade of experience Xiaonan has built up an extensive portfolio. Here are some examples of projects ChinaEntrance has been involved with:

  • The establishment of a dairy farming base in China, including the introduction of dairy production equipment and production line technical support;
  • The introduction of Chinese buyers to wine producers from various countries for a wine import export company;
  • Assistance in the preliminary plans for the acquisition of a Dutch company on behalf of a Chinese listed company;
  • Research into the possible entry of a Belgian chocolate manufacturer into the Chinese market;
  • An Italian ice cream manufacturer’s plan to enter the Chinese market;
  • Interpretation in contract discussions between a Chinese steel group and a Dutch company until agreement was reached.
  • Welcoming the Chinese education delegation to the Netherlands for academic exchanges;
  • At the early stage of Chinese students’ study in the Netherlands, assistance in schools alongside educational psychologists in making plans for learning Dutch
  • Translation of a large number of documents for parents who adopt Chinese children in the Netherlands;

Whether you are a large company with a large project, a private company or individual with a small project, if you need interpretation or translation, do get in touch.

ChinaEntrance can offer you a gateway to China. Xiaonan Yan is at your service.